Borough of Pennington, New Jersey

Pennington Police Dispatcher (609) 737-2020
Pennington Police Headquarters (609) 737-1679

The Pennington Police Department is responsible for enforcing local and state laws with respect to motor vehicle and New Jersey criminal code.

Pennington Borough is part of the Mercer County Swift911 Emergency Alert System. Residents can elect to receive emergency notifications by phone, text and/or email by clicking on the link below and registering preferences. More than one phone contact can be added for notifications.

William Meytrott
Public Safety Director

Douglas Pinelli - Sergeant First Class

Novin Thomas - Police Officer 

Daryl Burroughs, Jr. - Police Officer 

Michael Francis - Police Officer

Jonathan Pauciullo - Police Officer

Body Cameras

On or about August 3, 2017 The Pennington Borough Police Department will begin using body worn cameras, officers will be wearing a WatchGuard Vista camera.


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