Borough of Pennington, New Jersey

Building and Construction
Voice: (609) 737-0276 Fax: (609) 737-9780

The Department of Building and Construction is responsible for issuing, approving, and inspecting building permits.

When is a permit needed?

Link to UCC forms on the Department of Community Affairs Web Site

John L. Hall Jr.
Construction Code Official
Hours - Mon, Wed, Thurs - Inspections:  4 to 5pm
Meetings by appointment only

Bob Mahan
Electric Sub-Code Official
Hours -
Mon and Wed 3 to 5 pm

John McCausland
Fire Sub-Code Official
Hours - Mon and Wed 5 to 6pm

John Grove
Plumbing Official/Inspector
Hours - Tues and Thurs. 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Wayne Blauth
Technical Assistant
Hours - Mon thru Fri.. 9 to 4:30 pm



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